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Thursday: 10 - 7pm

Friday: 10 - 7pm

1st Friday Evenings till 9pm:

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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Annex 24 Gallery  24 W. Walnut Street Lancaster, PA 17603  (610) 304-5168

The Curator’s touch of creative expression, unite its gallery presentations.  Annex 24 Gallery boasts a powerful collection of artists and unique, contemporary art.  Whether you are a seasoned collector or just passing thru, this is the place to stop in and enjoy the Local Art Exhibitions by some of the hottest and most Collectible Artists in Lancaster.

Lancaster, PA is home to the Fulton Theatre, Convention Center and Barnstormers Stadium and of course its keystone; Downtown Lancaster’s Central Market.  Annex 24 Gallery is a unique gallery owned and operated by REAL working artists located in the heart of it all in Downtown Lancaster.  As always, we welcome you to visit, sit down in comfortable chairs and enjoy worthwhile conversation - CU Downtown.

The artists are active in Downtown Lancaster’s revival and growth of its diverse artistic culture.  Annex 24 Gallery is a seasoned venue for those folks looking for a unique approach to art and entertainment.  The Gallery hosts monthly art exhibits ranging from local interest events, In-Gallery Art-Nights, First Friday, Live music, Installation sculpture and Special Event Hosting.  Drop the remote, push off the potato bench and be a part of the scene - Contact Annex 24 Gallery and get off on the good foot.